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Centremis Protects Prominent Literary Figure

CHANTILLY, Va., June 2015 – Centremis, a holistic security services company, was selected to provide protective security services for a prominent literary figure during official engagements. The client, a celebrity conducting book signing and philanthropic activities, requires security services due to the presence of credible threats associated with the individual and the venues. Centremis leverages its vetted celebrity executive protection protocols and seasoned professionals to deliver the requisite security services in multiple geographic regions and at varied venues.

“Centremis approaches security holistically,” said Centremis President Dennis G. Smythe. “We ensure each aspect is detailed – advance work, surveillance, due diligence, analysis, route planning, defensive driving, etc. – so that it functions optimally to provide the client with an integrated and orchestrated security solution.”

Protective services for this mission include advance work, threat analysis, policy development, route analysis, protective details, and security management.

For more information about Centremis’ protective services, visit

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