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NOW OFFERING: SABER Active Threat/Active Shooter Training

In the current threat environment, both in the U.S. and throughout the world, we are more susceptible to becoming victims of an active shooter or other type of hostile incident. These incidents can happen anywhere – at home, malls, churches, work, school, or other public and private places. With this in mind, Centremis developed the SABER active shooter/active threat program. SABER is classroom-based training that will teach you specific skill sets, both mentally and physically, to help you, your family, and coworkers know what to do in case you are involved in a hostile incident. Knowing how to respond during an event will greatly increase your chances of survival.

SABER Part Two

SABER part two is for middle to upper management. It provides information regarding incident prevention; actions to take during an incident; and the responses for the after action recovery period. This process will train you and your company with establishing a safe working environment, managing liability, ensuring business continuity after an event , and tending to the mental first aid of your employees who have been through a traumatic incident.

SABER training is conducted either at your location or a location of your choosing, and it can be tailored to be completed in one hour, so it is well suited for a lunch and learn session. SABER part two is a two hour session that can be either follow on or standalone training.

Cost: $3,500, plus travel expenses

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