Centremis, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), has over twenty years’ experience supporting the acquisition and procurement needs of Federal Agencies and Federal Prime Contractors, spanning across power, cooling, data center, and IT/VTC projects. Our Strategic & Tactical Acquisition Resource Solution (STARS) includes vetted, FAR-compliant protocols to support pre-procurement, procurement, and post-procurement efforts, to include:

Centremis has implemented STARS to procure more than $600M of products and services, while managing the entire supply chain to ensure on-time deliveries, SCRM, and cost control. Representative products and services have included products and installation services, as follows:

  • Construction: Secondary Unit Substations, UPS Systems, Chillers, Cooling Towers, etc.

  • Data Center: Racks, cables, connectors, grounding, power/cooling solutions, etc.

  • IT/VTC: Conferencing & telepresence equipment, war room fit-out, IT network equipment, etc.

Centremis’ performance metrics resulting from our STARS include:

  • 99.975% on-time deliveries with < 0.025 % change order rate

  • Procurement Administration Lead Times (PALT) 3 – 45 days (determined by value of purchase)

  • Zero protests, Zero Safety Notices (includes operations on large construction sites), and Zero quality deficiency notices.

Centremis has established relationships with numerous manufacturers, resulting in the realization of cost savings for equipment and product procurement. These savings are possible through the capture of volume discounts and the elimination of fee-on-fee scenarios. Further, our manufacturing partners rate Centremis as a low-risk buyer due to our bundled services, thereby deriving further discounts. Sample discounts realized are as follows:

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