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Centremis, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), has over twenty years’ experience supporting the acquisition and procurement needs of Federal Agencies and Federal Prime Contractors, leveraging our established relationships with > 100 manufacturers across numerous markets, to include:

  • Power and cooling equipment

  • IT-related products

    • Data center fit-out equipment

    • Infrastructure cabling components

    • IT / VTC equipment and solutions

    • Cybersecurity equipment and solutions

  • Security technologies

    • Perimeter / entrance security equipment and solutions

    • Biometric solutions and services

    • Grid security / SCADA



  • >12 years past performance on ~ $700M in procurement solutions.

  • 99.98% on time deliveries; < 0.25% change order rate.

  • Zero safety incidents and zero quality notices.

  • Established relationships and agreements with > 100 manufacturers.

  • Low risk ratings with manufacturers ensures best pricing.

  • Provide >70% more services than distributors.



Power and Cooling Equipment Procurement


Equipment lead times for major equipment for construction projects are the number one pain point for contractors and government. Centremis’ AEP solution delivers critical equipment earlier, and at less cost. Centremis sources the equipment during the design phase, when equipment specifications are mature, to ensure long lead equipment is manufactured and delivered sooner, and through our direct-to-manufacturer procurement it is at less cost. A comparison of the typical model versus Centremis’ AEP solution reflects the equipment, most always on the critical path, can be on site approximately one year earlier.

  • Antimicrobial technologies

Our bundled services are present from requirements definition through the post-warranty period, including:

  • FAR-compliant protocols for:

    • Acquisition planning and procurement solutions

    • RFP/RFQ development and source selection

  • Project management, PMO support

  •  contract/ subcontract management, etc.

  • Operations and maintenance (O&M) services

  • Data center fit-outs

  • Biometrics / security implementation

  • Engineering design of reseller/distributor offerings

  • Supply chain management and logistical solutions


Benefits from Centremis’ AEP solution include:

  • Eliminate compounding profit and contingency costs

  • Lock down pricing earlier to minimize equipment escalation costs

  • Design includes details specific to manufacturer reducing change orders to designer and/or installer

  • Less requests for information and requests for equitable adjustment reduces burdens to client

  • Minimizes unplanned inefficiencies and extended overhead impacts for equipment delays

  • Earlier equipment delivery

  • Procurement initiates prior to final design


IT-related products

Centremis, leveraging extensive manufacturer relationships and innovative logistical solutions, delivers quality products and expert services to meet our Clients’ current and emerging needs across the IT markets, to include:

  • Data center fit-out equipment

  • Infrastructure cabling components

  • IT / VTC equipment and solutions

  • Cybersecurity equipment and solutions

Our services include:

  • Engineering and design

  • Estimating

  • Program management/project management

  • Inside Plant (ISP)/Physical Plant (PP)/Outside Plant (OSP)

  • Data center implementation

  • Procurement management and support

  • Supply chain management / logistical services

Our engineers and installers hold manufacturer / organization certifications and accreditations for structured cabling to include BICSI, Belden, CommScope, Ortronics, Leviton, and Eaton/Wrightline, with direct-to-manufacturer relationships.

Security technologies

Centremis delivers bundled products and services to meet our Clients’ challenging and dynamic security needs, including:

  • Building secure access

    • Entry Control Point (ECP) solutions

  • Data center secure access

    • Server rack solutions

    • Cabinet door access control

    • Cage (rack rows) & aisle door access control

    • Access software (DAS-SQL)

    • Operations & maintenance (O&M)

  • Grid security / SCADA

    • Securing utility IP-based controls for CIP-014-2 compliance

  • Perimeter security

    • Fiber seismic acoustic (signal transmitted over fiber via laser)

Centremis provides the ONLY biometrics solution that:

  1. Is compliant with ACLU

  2. Has U.S.-based software

  3. Is Section 889 compliant

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