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Centremis delivers services in all phases of data center fit-out projects, from initial engineering through project turnover, with services extending into the post-warranty period.



Centremis engineers evaluate the existing state of the cabling/infrastructure (prior to engineering) to identify antiquated cabling and installation practices that do not meet the current cabling standards and/or codes. We then engineer a compliant horizontal cable plant, grounding system, and cabling support structure that meets current Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) standards/recommendations and client specifications.  The installed systems typically accommodate future growth and allow seamless “plug and play” capabilities between systems. 



Centremis leverages its extensive relationships across the industry to procure data center materials, leveraging large discounts to ensure cost management.  We procure a wide variety of materials requiring Centremis to detail a procurement strategy, define sources, solicit bids, establish a master schedule, and then procure materials. 


Fit-out services

All Centremis data center services are infused into the master schedule to ensure overall project efficiency. Centremis coordinates deliveries to support on-site operations, establishes and oversees storage solutions as necessary, receives materials, manages the return and resupply of damaged/changed goods, and oversees the supply chain for the client. Centremis works with manufactures to resolve and mitigate issues to eliminate schedule impacts; coordinates and orchestrates change orders to meet stringent deadlines and material changes to meet mission goals; coordinates returns and/or replacement products due to environment changes not foreseen when the project was initiated.


JIT delivery

Centremis ensures just-in-time / packetized deliveries are moved to the project site when needed to support the installation efforts on-site. We coordinate with manufacturers and/or distribution to develop purchase orders that consider lead times and are sensitive to the operations within each milestone. We track individual material line items and align them with the resource-loaded schedule to ensure materials are properly accounted for. Centremis coordinates with vendors, client stakeholders, and freight forwarders to manage security issues and ensure resources are on-hand to receive, uncrate, package, inventory, ship, and monitor the delivery supply chain for procured items. Our innovative staggered deliveries reduce waste / loss, minimize storage needs, and improve installation efficiency. A master asset management program ensures the ongoing control of all procured materials.


Stringent inventory control processes have been established to provide required reporting and maintain real- time inventory tracking, leveraging a wireless/RFID inventory management system. In classified environments, where the use of a wireless/RFID inventory management system is prohibited, we implement a comprehensive tracking database and recording system. Tracking databases are updated continuously to reflect inventory received, quantities remaining, origin, date received, part numbers, manufacturer information, location, distribution schedule and outgoing materials. Our ability to successfully maintain millions of dollars of consumable stock is attributed to the stringent inventory control processes and meticulous recording of part numbers. Centremis tracks miscellaneous parts and 

consumable inventory based on use percentages and places orders to keep stock updated and prevent slippage in schedule.



Following the installation efforts, Centremis completes a system verification process completing horizontal/patch cord identification, testing, labeling, and cabinets.


Warranty support

The BICSI-compliant structured cabling systems often include a 25-year warranty, with Centremis establishing protocols for warranty support. Centremis works closely with product and equipment manufacturers to manage the warranty support at different project site locations.  Centremis will also provide direct troubleshooting support of the installed equipment to help identify the immediate issue or deficiency.  This support ensures technicians arrive when needed with the correct expertise, tools, and parts required to remedy the deficiency.  This also minimizes additional and unnecessary expenditures if a warranty call is not the manufacturer’s responsibility.

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