Centremis has expanded our services to meet the emerging needs of our customers by providing practical, real-world experience and cutting-edge technical security solutions that match our customers’ perceived threats.  We understand that the primary role of any security solution is to deter, prevent, and protect.

The design and installation of our security systems rests on a cornerstone of quality. Our security team consists of ASIS Physical Security Professionals (PSP), CSPM-certified Security Project Managers, design engineers, and BICSI registered installers who have access to state-of-the-art installation and test equipment. The systems they install maintain safe and comfortable environments that enhance our customers’ experience while also providing the security they need in today’s high threat environments.

We identify and provide security solutions, to include state-of-the-art sensor technologies, which are effective as standalone solutions or overlaid to enhance existing security infrastructure.  Centremis delivers a turnkey solution for perimeter security solutions, providing security engineering and perimeter security installations, operations, and maintenance. Capabilities include:

  • Security Planning

    • Risk assessments

    • Site surveys

    • Blast mitigation planning

    • Physical security & Anti-Terrorism/ Force Protection (AT/FP)

  • Security Design

    • Over 250 design resources available

    • Completed designs for State Department, DOJ, DOE, DHS, DoD, GSA, and more

    • Completed over 1,000 designs for federal government, spanning 163 countries and 48 states

    • Provide designs to mitigate effects of blast mitigation, chem-bio, indirect fire, progressive collapse, EMP, etc.; as well as energy security, technical security/intrusion detection, etc.  Designs and installations have been created for use in AT/FP efforts for the Department of Defense (DoD) with portable applications for use in Special Forces missions and exercises.

  • Installation, operations, and maintenance

    • Design-build turnkey solutions for:

      • Sensors

      • Perimeter fencing

      • Access control points

      • Security components (cameras, etc.)

      •  Services include program and project management; procurement and supply chain management; installation (inside plant, outside plant, integration); operator training, warranty management; help desk; etc.

Sensor Technologies:

The uniqueness of our offering is the ability to integrate sensor solutions specific to the threat/risk profiles at each critical infrastructure asset. The premium solution is used for assets with higher risk postures. Assets with lower risk postures are protected with the standard solution or other perimeter security assets alone. The combination of the most appropriate detection ranges (as shown in the table below) with other perimeter security components (cameras, guards, etc.) provides a cost-effective solution to achieve right-sized perimeter security solutions. Detection Ranges are as follows:

*These are minimum detection ranges. Some geographical locations allow for increased detection ranges

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