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Centremis has vetted security technology services to meet the ongoing needs of our customers by providing practical, real-world experience and cutting-edge technical security solutions that match our customers’ current and emerging threats.  We understand the primary role of any security solution is to deter, prevent, and protect.

The design and installation of our security systems rests on a cornerstone of quality. Our security team consists of design engineers and BICSI accredited installers who have access to state-of-the-art installation and test equipment. The systems we install maintain safe and comfortable environments that enhance our customers’ experience while also providing the security they need in today’s high threat environments, with solutions including:

  • Building secure access

    • Entry Control Point (ECP) solutions

  • Data center secure access

    • Server rack solutions

    • Cabinet door access control

    • Cage (rack rows) & aisle door access control

    • Access software (DAS-SQL)

      • Operations & maintenance (O&M)

  •  Grid security / SCADA

    • Securing utility IP-based controls for CIP-014-2 compliance

  • Perimeter security

    • Fiber seismic acoustic (signal transmitted over fiber via laser)

Centremis leverages innovative biometric solutions that support ECP security solutions, with specific applications for data centers:

  • Bus

    • IP based solution, 1 controller per 32 cabinets

    • Biometric, RFID card, and PIN option

    •  Authenticate at the cabinet or at the end-of-row

  • Sentry

    • IP based solution, 1 controller per cabinet

    • Biometric or RFID Card option

    • Authenticate at the cabinet

  • Wiegand Locks

    • MultiCardLock

    • Multi-frequency – Prox. & all HF Card

    • High-Frequency – All HF Cards

    • DualLock – Fingerprint & RFID

    • CodeLock – Card + PIN


CageGuard & AisleGuard Door Access Control


  • CageGuard

    • Control access to caged areas

    • Multi-factor Authentication

    • MagLock or Electric Strike

  • AisleGuard

    • Control access to Hot/Cold Aisle Containment doors

    • Multi-factor Authentication

    • MagLock

  • Access Software (DAS-SQL)

    • SQL based management software

      • Standalone platform or integrate with a Building Access System, such as Lenel/S4's OnGuard and AMAG's Symmetry

      • Central registration/enrollment and permissions management

      • Real time monitoring

      • Real time alerting

      • Reporting – Indisputable Audit Trail

  • Database can be partitioned to allow multiple views/access

  • Can manage unlimited number of cabinets

  • Integrateable with most locking mechanisms and supports most manufacturer’s cabinets

  • db Infinity



A maintenance program to future-proof your investment.  A low annual fee ensures complete end-to-end protection of your db biometric access control system

  • Infinite Benefits:

    • 24-hour SLA to replace any failed unit

    • Unlimited DAS-SQL software updates

    • Unlimited firmware updates

    • Unlimited telephone and remote connection support

Grid Security / SCADA solutions include:

  • db GridSecure

    • Securing Utility IP-based controls in order to meet CIP-014-2

    • Db GridSecure provides Utility Companies Physical Access Control for their IP-based controls at the substation, control m, or data center by providing Dual Authentication handle technology

  • Key Product Features

    • Secures IP-based SCADA controls

    • Dual Factor Authentication (Card + PIN) or (Card + Finger)

    • CIP-014-2 Compliance

    • Real time monitoring of who is accessing your critical controls

    • Integrates with existing access control system

    • Unlimited number of users

    • For use with high or low frequency RFID cards

    • Cost effective and easy to implement

    • Anti-counterfeiting features and enhanced encryption

    • Optional mechanical key override

    • Card formats

    • iCLASS, MIFARE, DESFire, Seos, PIV (75 or 200 bit), 26 bit Wiegard (H10301), 37 bit (H10302), 37 bit (H10304), 35 bit Corporate 1000

Centremis provides a flexible and efficient solution using state-of-the-art sensor technologies, which are effective as standalone solutions or overlaid to enhance existing security infrastructure.  Centremis delivers a turnkey solution for perimeter security solutions, providing security engineering and perimeter security installations, operations, and maintenance.  Our fiber seismic acoustic (signal transmitted over fiber via laser)

Is implemented when the detection range > 20 meters; the solution requires detection of drones or gunshot; there are power restrictions which necessitate solar or battery; and/or a portable solution is required.




 Detects, locates, and classifies multiple threats


Identifies vehicles, personnel, digging, and fence breach

  • Offers passive and undetectable protection

  • Provides continuous coverage

  • Installed on standard fiber optic telecoms cable

  • Delivers superior results compared to traditional sensors

  • Connects to other sensors (CCTV, C2)

  • Reduces nuisance alarms

  • Provides exceptional wind noise rejection

  • Delivers a scalable and expandable system

  • Eliminates infield maintenance requirements

  • Applications

    • Buried, fence mounted or hybrid installations

    • Borders and military

    • Utilities (water, energy, communications

    • Industrial (chemical, petrochemical, refinery)

    • Transportation (roads, rail, ports, airport)

    • Commercial (data centers, distribution facilities)

    • VIP residences, golf courses, resorts

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