Centremis provides professional technical services to meet a client’s specific requirements for power & cooling, data center, and acquisition services, as well as direct IT support customized to these solutions. Centremis has a proven track record of industry expertise and has been recognized on multiple occasions for our outstanding personnel and services. Our service expertise spans across many different types and sizes of industrial and critical energy facilities. We ensure the highest quality of work with a commitment and focus on safety, quality, and superior customer service.

Our products and services span new construction as well as repair by replacement work, including:

Start-Up & Commissioning Services

Startup & commissioning services are offered as a complete service solution.  Centremis has teaming arrangements with multiple companies that can provide additional manpower and allow for a complete turnkey solution to the United States markets for power plant startups and commissioning services.  Services can also be provided with Centremis managing the multiple manufacturers needed for a complete plant solution, whether needed as part of a new or replacement project.


Warranty Support

Centremis works closely with electrical and mechanical equipment manufacturers to manage the warranty support at different project site locations.  Centremis will also provide direct troubleshooting support of the installed equipment to help identify the immediate issue or deficiency.  This support ensures technicians arrive when needed with the correct expertise, tools, and parts required to remedy the deficiency.  This also minimizes additional and unnecessary expenditures if a warranty call is not the manufacturer’s responsibility. 

Training & Procedure Development Services

Training solutions can be offered either as a standalone project or in conjunction with other services.  Training solutions include the creation of a training program which consists of onsite classroom learning coupled with site and equipment walk downs.  The hands-on learning that coincides with the classroom learning provides the students with better comprehension and the ability to see what they are learning about.  Follow-on training programs can be created to include qualification guides to ensure the operators have a complete understanding of the equipment and evolutions required of power plant personnel before standing their first shift as an operator.  This can also be used to supplement generic online learning programs.  Training is created based upon the client’s unique needs.

Procedure development can be offered either as a standalone solution or in conjunction with training programs or startup and commissioning services.  Most procedures are developed or refined based on operational or maintenance issues at existing industrial sites.  Procedures are also developed during new site construction and are normally done in conjunction with the training program.  If budgets do not support a complete procedure development solution, Centremis can offer a project management solution to provide direct input to the client’s procedure writers. 

SCADA Coordination

Centremis personnel work directly with the SCADA provider and equipment manufacturers to get points lists, display graphics, and interface requirements determined upfront during projects so that interface, especially during commissioning, has little or no rework requirements.  Centremis is involved in the point to point checks prior to rollup to production servers.  This occurs prior to commissioning so the equipment is directly checked as much as possible, versus forcing points in Real Time Automation Controllers (RTAC).  This provides more efficient commissioning of the equipment.

Third Party Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services

Third party O&M services can be offered as either a partial or complete O&M solution to clients.  O&M Services include audits of operations and maintenance activities, procedure review, training audits, Environmental Health & Safety Audits, etc. to include any plant need to supplement their existing plant staffing.

Inspections & Assessments

Inspections & Assessments are offered to provide clients with an opportunity to have a review done by an independent group that can provide an impartial view of the operations and maintenance protocols and programs at their facilities. Chuck Walden, Centremis’ Director of Construction Services, was a co-author of a US Army Corps of Engineers study on the Preventative Maintenance and Reliability for the Central Heating and Power Plant at Fort Wainwright, Alaska.  This study was utilized by the US Army Corps of Engineers to immediately implement a formal qualification process for their power plant employees, directly corrected safety issues, and established a budget for the maintenance required to achieve long-term goals for power plant operations. 

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